AVOID these things on your wedding day!

While the day is certainly about the newly wed couple, let’s not forget to consider the comfort and happiness of the guests. We certainly want the guests to remember the wedding fondly. Here are six wedding things guests are not a big fan of.



Weather is very important to consider if you’re planning to have an outdoor wedding or a part of your celebrations happens to be outdoors. It’s impossible to know what exactly the weather will be like on your big day, so one thing you can do is to ‘keep track of the radar on the day of the event’. Weather radars give a much more accurate description of how the day is going to be, but unfortunately they only show accurate weather for about the next 6 hours.


If there is a chance of rain on your wedding day, you may consider ‘getting umbrellas for everyone’.  50 umbrellas could cover approximately 100 people at your venue. It may be an added expense to your wedding budget, but it will give you peace of mind knowing that you’ve prepared for the unexpected weather.



Guests generally don’t appreciate a cash bar at a wedding. A lot of times people don’t bring wallets or cash with them at wedding venues so you’ll probably put your guests in an awkward situation where perhaps they want a drink but they can’t pay for it because they don’t have cash with them. If you must have a cash bar at your wedding, let your guests know in advance so they will come prepared to celebrate with you accordingly. 



If you will do an outdoor wedding, where everything will be set up from scratch, make sure that there are enough washrooms close by. Guests also use these areas to freshen up, so it really contributes to your guest’s overall experience.



It could be frustrating for wedding guests to have too much free time or a long gap of hours between the ceremony and reception. This is especially important for guests that have traveled a long way. Make sure you think about also how your day is going to feel from the perspective of your guests. 



If you do have long gaps between different parts of your big day, make sure that there are appetizers or snacks being served. We want to ensure your guests aren’t starving by the time dinner is served. Even if you have the best musicians, DJs and wedding emcee, if your guests are hungry – the (negative) focus will all be on the (unserved) food.



If you have more than five speakers throughout the night and each of them ends up doing a 10-minute speech, it can become extremely tiring. Remember to focus on the most important people in your family or friends and don’t just hand out speech tickets to everyone. 


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