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Optical illusion

Here’s a cool optical illusion I found online. When you click the link below, you’ll see a image with a black dot in the center. First notice that the image is completely in black and white. Then concentrate on the dot at the center of the screen for about 15 seconds (meanwhile the picture will go from black and white to some warped colors) After the 15 seconds you’ll see something kind of cool with the image.

I promise you this is not one of those internet gaffs popular about 10 years ago where you stare at an image and something frightful pops ups at you randomly with some annoying sound effects.

You’ll notice that the illusion will stay until you move your eyes at the end. As long as you don’t move your eyes, the illusion will stay. Yes it kept me entertained for all of about 20 seconds but it’s better than counting sheep.


Click here to go to image.

Edit: Now only if there was a way to make one of your own illusions like this with your own picture. Perhaps of a loved one or a favorite place. Well I’ve done the research for you and found some instructions on how to do this. Watcha waitin for? Get Started here