Spade's Magic

Spade Magic- Magic in the Caribbean

Last summer I had an incredible opportunity to check out many islands in the Caribbean. While traveling by boat from Nevis to St. Kitts, an opportunity for a little magic arose. Unfortunately I didn’t have the Spade camera crew with me and all that was available was an old handy cam. We did what we could with the few options we had- so please excuse the audio and video quality. With that being said, it was not easy getting on a boat with a bunch of locals sitting at a table on a boat playing dominoes while drinking in the middle of the Caribbean Sea. First problem was that we were automatically recognized as outcasts or tourists. Second issue- it wasn’t terribly easy to understand them or vice versa. Finally, it’s not like we were welcome with open arms to sit at their table and bust out some cards, money and use their dominoes. They didn’t seem too zealous about the idea. But magic like any form of art is great at breaking down barriers; and I love a challenge of being able to break down such a barrier. Here’s a few minutes of footage of me trying to get comfortable with some locals thousands of kilometers away from where I call home.