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Power of communication

What I really love about magic is the ability of communication it has. What I mean is sometimes a great effect comes with a great story. Other times a great piece of magic is performed silently and what follows is a feast for the eyes- no other senses required. One of my favorite type of acts is when you see a great piece of magic put together to some contemporary music- this to me is real art.

I get excited by how magic is able to break down many communication barriers. A few years ago when I performed restaurant magic regularly- I approached a group of three to enlighten their evening with some magic. I must have approached thousands of groups of people over the years but this one I will remember forever. I started my act and quickly realized this one was not going to be easy- it occurred to me quickly after starting that the three people I was performing for were deaf. Completely shocked – as had never been in a situation as this before – I continued improvising as I went along. I realized how much more difficult it was to perform without actually talking. I went through most of what I wanted to do with some tweeks only to see big smiles, laughter and applause at the end. I was thrilled that I was able to entertain and communicate without actually communicating. The power of magic even when not fully being able to communicate or understand still enlightens me today.