Spade's Magic

Happy Anniversary! Spade Turns One!

Yesterday was one full year since I launched my blog! Woooo! It’s been a lot of fun posting videos of some of my favorite things I’ve found, and a few clips of myself as well. I’ve received some great feedback and ideas and thoughts on how to improve in the future. If what I do here makes you laugh, cry or think, please share with me what you’re thoughts are on my endeavours in the cyber world as I try to bring magic a little closer to you through facebook (, youtube, twitter (@durgyspade) and my blog (

Now it wouldn’t be an anniversary for Spade in the cyber world if I didn’t share something to celebrate! There has been one video I have resisted sharing for a long time. Quite simply, it is not something I do often- and there is some element of danger to it, and I would highly encourage you to NOT TRY THIS AT HOME. With that said, I couldn’t think of a better time to share it than now. It is with great pleasure, I bring to you my String Thing.