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Happy Lovers’ Day!

The day women love and men despise- February 14th is here! I hope everyone enjoys it, and as I read on a friends facebook status- To all the single people, Happy Independence Day! I thought I needed an excuse to make a quick new blog post and this seems to be good enough reason. I pondered about what I would share with all of you today, and another magic clip just wasn’t going to do it. I figured a day like today needs to be blessed with perhaps a song I’ve been secretly enjoying on the radio recently- a new, refreshing beat. It needed to be something suitable for a day like today, perhaps by a local artist (I’m all for supporting the local dreamer- let the T Dot dreamers shine bright). The song needs to be something not too old, and perhaps related to magic in some way. How was I going to satisfy all my requirements- sound impossible? Think again! I bring to you ‘Like Magic’ by JRDN.