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iPad 2 Announced Today!

Ok, I know you’re stumped and wondering why the heck I’m talking about the latest announcement from Apple regarding iPad 2 which took place less than 6 hours ago. Afterall, this is a blog dedicated to magic and while the iPad may be a cool toy, it doesn’t have much to do with magic. All will be clear soon my friends.

I’ll start by saying im a tech nerd at heart (when I’m not practicing magic). I enjoy the latest and greatest technologies and gadgets- I always have and I always will. About 8 years ago, I got myself the first phone on the Rogers network that was capable of playing mp3s- the Nokia 3300. At the time I had a whopping 64 MB card in there capable of storing all of 20 songs on it. Recently I’ve been getting interested in some newer programming languages such as C# and HTML5. Ideally I’d like to pick up a Windows Mobile 7 phone soon and make a few apps for it myself using these new tools I’ve been learning about.

But enough of the nerd talk, what does all this have to do with magic?!? Well as the world advances, newer technologies become available to us and it is important to not be left behind. That is true whether you’re a software developer, lawyer, photographer or a magician. I have felt for a long time now, if you are unwilling to be dynamic and adapt to change (whether it’s in business or your personal life) you will fail! So don’t fear change, embrace it. Make something new and interesting out of it and people will notice. Here is a video of a magician who embraced the change only about two months after the first iPad was released last year! Enjoy.