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How I held my breath underwater for 17 minutes.

Well I didn’t exactly, but David Blaine sure did. This was not a trick or an illusion, this was the real deal.

I remember watching his “Drowned Alive” stunt back in 2006 on live TV. He wasn’t successful that day in breaking a world record but he sure didn’t give up. Shortly after, he was on the Oprah show ready to try again (although shooting for a slightly different record). This time he succeeded. What’s important about this is the fact that he didn’t give up; he kept fighting to achieve what he wanted. Keep in mind these stunts are judged by Guinness World Records and are not what they may first appear to be- an expensive magic trick.

I must have been 14 when I first saw Blaine perform on TV. His magic was different than anything else at the time. It was inspiring. The fact that he often performed such stunts was what set him apart from any other magician. He really became the modern day Houdini. I am often asked who I was inspired by growing up. As far as living magicians go- it’d have to be David Blaine himself. Enjoy this TED Talks video of the man himself- talking about “Drowned Alive”.