Spade's Magic

Another trip to Qatar (and Dubai)

Back in October of 2013, I did my first big event outside of North America. Smack in the middle of Doha, Qatar- I was hired for a 30 minute performance at a corporate event. It went so well that last month I was invited back to be the magical MC for the night at another event the company was having. Once again I packed my bags and got on the 15 hour journey from Toronto to Qatar. I have to admit, I really enjoy performing in the Middle East as it’s a great new challenge for me. I love performing for a culture I’m still working on understanding- while keeping them entertained. The morning after my performance, I flew out to Dubai. I figured if I’m going to fly thousands of kilometers from home for a single night, I might as well take another one-hour flight to Dubai and see if it’s all cracked up to be. It is! I even managed to find a Bugatti police car while roaming downtown!

Until next time,