Spade's Magic

Durgy Spade. David Blaine. Enough Said.

Roughly 16 years ago, I was inspired by David Blaine’s street magic special I saw on TV for the first time. Last weekend, David inspired me again- in real life.

David performed and followed with a Q&A session Saturday night at the University of Buffalo. I bought tickets to the event immediately after hearing about it as David rarely (ever?) does public stage performances (outside of his performance stunts usually done in New York City).

David opened with an underwater act in which he managed to stay underwater for over 10 minutes without oxygen, all while juggling, eating a banana, smoking a cigar and even taking selfies with a waterproof camera. He followed with some card tricks, sticking an ice pick through his hand and leaving the audience of over a thousand people in disbelief.

Watching the man who inspired you to do something big with your life is an interesting experience. He managed to inspire me all over again- and reminded me why I got into magic in the first place. But the most eye-opening moment of the evening didn’t happen until after the show when I met him briefly before he took off in his black SUV guarded by two Buffalo police officers. He appeared out of the back of the building as some of his fans waited, and he casually, calmly and humbly walked over and spent a good few minutes signing autographs and conversing with fans. It was refreshing to see a celebrity not be annoyed and angry with paparazzi and the fans who got them to the level they’re at in the first place (ahem… Kanye).

I look forward to David perfecting his show and have it officially tour around the country.