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Magic in Australia and Melbourne Magic Festival

After witnessing all sorts of magic in Australia, I sit here in the bar of my hotel in Sydney, 15 hours before my flight back home to Toronto- I come to realize how similar yet different magic is across the world. Performers who live and breathe the art, seem to come up with the greatest methods to leave the audience wanting more.

It started when I landed in Melbourne, Australia just over 2 weeks ago for some work. Although I’d be missing FISM in Italy, (often described as the olympics of magic that happens once every three years) I’d be checking out the Melbourne Magic Festival – with some international magic stars of it’s own. Rob Zabrecky (USA) blew me away with his theatrical, magic journey – and although I missed him at Toronto Luminato not too long ago, it was a pleasure to see his work in Melbourne. I had also heard a lot about Pop Haydn – over the years, it was interesting to finally see his “magnetic water” routine. If you ever find yourself in LA, make sure you check Pop out at the Magic Castle where he’s often performing.

Checking out the buskers in Melbourne’s South Bank was great to see when they were out. Real. Street. Magic.

And just yesterday, I had a short but great magic talk with Tony, owner of Australia’s largest magic shop- Hey Presto MagicFrom what it seems, the magic culture in Australia is alive, kicking and growing.

All in all, it’s been a great trip to Melbourne and Sydney. I’m looking forward to being home and performing. Which reminds me, in case you show up next Friday, July 24th at The Second City downtown Toronto- you might just see your friendly neighborhood magician doing his thing.


Durgy at the Melbourne Magic Festival 2015

Durgy at the Melbourne Magic Festival 2015