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Piff the magic Dragon

Last month I posted one of my favorite acts from the show Fool Us. That was one of my favorite acts because it was so unique. But it’s important to note, it is possible to take a simple trick and make it entertaining by focusing on everything around it, rather than the trick itself.

Below is another one of my favorite acts that was presented on Fool Us. This one I enjoyed for different reasons than the last video from the show that I posted. At the end of the day, this is just a card trick presented by a guy in a costume. But Piff (or Mr Piff as he requests to be referred to as- as you will see in the video) has clearly built a character and substance around ‘just a card trick’. This is what makes this act another one of my favs.


Secret Society of Magicians

There really does exist a secret society of magicians. Want to see what it’s really like? I must admit, I enjoyed this video, and if you’re a magician yourself, you might even recognize a few faces! Enjoy!


I’m still here!

Don’t worry, I know it’s been a while since I posted last but I’m still here! I probably should be posting at least once a month but sometimes things just seem to slip. Nonetheless I knew I had to post something interesting since it’s been a while – and boy do I got a treat for you. At the end of last year, I was addicted to watching Penn & Teller’s show- Fool Us. It’s filmed in England and unfortunately not shown on North American television which kind of sucks. But Youtube comes to the rescue for all your viewing pleasures. Fool Us is a reality show in which British magicians perform their act in front of a live studio audience and of course, Penn & Teller. If they are able to fool Penn & Teller, they win a trip to Las Vegas where they get to show case their act. I have to admit there were a few acts I thoroughly enjoyed through out the series, and I may even post some more in the future- however there was one that truly baffled – but more importantly – entertained me. And now I leave it here for you to enjoy… Enjoy!


Somethin’ for the smokers

How I held my breath underwater for 17 minutes.

Well I didn’t exactly, but David Blaine sure did. This was not a trick or an illusion, this was the real deal.

I remember watching his “Drowned Alive” stunt back in 2006 on live TV. He wasn’t successful that day in breaking a world record but he sure didn’t give up. Shortly after, he was on the Oprah show ready to try again (although shooting for a slightly different record). This time he succeeded. What’s important about this is the fact that he didn’t give up; he kept fighting to achieve what he wanted. Keep in mind these stunts are judged by Guinness World Records and are not what they may first appear to be- an expensive magic trick.

I must have been 14 when I first saw Blaine perform on TV. His magic was different than anything else at the time. It was inspiring. The fact that he often performed such stunts was what set him apart from any other magician. He really became the modern day Houdini. I am often asked who I was inspired by growing up. As far as living magicians go- it’d have to be David Blaine himself. Enjoy this TED Talks video of the man himself- talking about “Drowned Alive”.

Magic at TED Talks

A little while ago I posted a video of a magician who combined magic with an iPad. Well here we are again a few months later and magician Marco Tempest has combined magic with some iPods quite beautifully. If you listen to him carefully, you’ll notice not only does he give a beautiful presentation combining magic with technology but he also delivers an interesting message. Enjoy!


Pssst…. wanna learn a trick?

I’m asked on a regular basis to teach a trick so people can go out and fool their friends. I have a few things I teach here and there but there is defintely some thought that goes into choosing what to teach. The most important requirement is the trick be technically easy enough for the average Leonard to pull off. The least amount of work the person has to do- the better. The average person will not spend more than maybe 5 minutes trying to learn something before showing it off to a friend. While I promise one day I will put some short clip together of me teaching something, today you’ll just have to settle for David himself.


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Just because…

It’s been way too long since I posted something so here’s something that gets me EVERY time I watch it. It will take all of 43 seconds- watch in disbelief and enjoy 🙂

iPad 2 Announced Today!

Ok, I know you’re stumped and wondering why the heck I’m talking about the latest announcement from Apple regarding iPad 2 which took place less than 6 hours ago. Afterall, this is a blog dedicated to magic and while the iPad may be a cool toy, it doesn’t have much to do with magic. All will be clear soon my friends.

I’ll start by saying im a tech nerd at heart (when I’m not practicing magic). I enjoy the latest and greatest technologies and gadgets- I always have and I always will. About 8 years ago, I got myself the first phone on the Rogers network that was capable of playing mp3s- the Nokia 3300. At the time I had a whopping 64 MB card in there capable of storing all of 20 songs on it. Recently I’ve been getting interested in some newer programming languages such as C# and HTML5. Ideally I’d like to pick up a Windows Mobile 7 phone soon and make a few apps for it myself using these new tools I’ve been learning about.

But enough of the nerd talk, what does all this have to do with magic?!? Well as the world advances, newer technologies become available to us and it is important to not be left behind. That is true whether you’re a software developer, lawyer, photographer or a magician. I have felt for a long time now, if you are unwilling to be dynamic and adapt to change (whether it’s in business or your personal life) you will fail! So don’t fear change, embrace it. Make something new and interesting out of it and people will notice. Here is a video of a magician who embraced the change only about two months after the first iPad was released last year! Enjoy.


Happy Lovers’ Day!

The day women love and men despise- February 14th is here! I hope everyone enjoys it, and as I read on a friends facebook status- To all the single people, Happy Independence Day! I thought I needed an excuse to make a quick new blog post and this seems to be good enough reason. I pondered about what I would share with all of you today, and another magic clip just wasn’t going to do it. I figured a day like today needs to be blessed with perhaps a song I’ve been secretly enjoying on the radio recently- a new, refreshing beat. It needed to be something suitable for a day like today, perhaps by a local artist (I’m all for supporting the local dreamer- let the T Dot dreamers shine bright). The song needs to be something not too old, and perhaps related to magic in some way. How was I going to satisfy all my requirements- sound impossible? Think again! I bring to you ‘Like Magic’ by JRDN.