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World Cup Fever

Congrats to Germany on winning yesterday’s World Cup! This 2014 football season encouraged me to have a little fun with fans in downtown Toronto. Have a look below!


Any Card

Every now and then, I hit the streets with a bit of magic for everyday people and strangers. It’s not always easy convincing people to try something strange – randomly in the middle of the street as more often than not, they think you’re crazy, or looking for money, or both. Nonetheless, we recently filmed this in the streets of downtown Toronto – enjoy!


Magic of Rahat

If you’ve been following my blog/site, you’re already aware of my work and the Magic of Durgy Spade. There’s also other great magicians out there in internet land with some great material. If you haven’t seen any of Rahat’s work, you need to immediately look up Magic of Rahat on YouTube.

I’ve enjoyed his work over the last few years but two of his recent videos are REALLY magic. Take a look below.


Durgy Spade. David Blaine. Enough Said.

Roughly 16 years ago, I was inspired by David Blaine’s street magic special I saw on TV for the first time. Last weekend, David inspired me again- in real life.

David performed and followed with a Q&A session Saturday night at the University of Buffalo. I bought tickets to the event immediately after hearing about it as David rarely (ever?) does public stage performances (outside of his performance stunts usually done in New York City).

David opened with an underwater act in which he managed to stay underwater for over 10 minutes without oxygen, all while juggling, eating a banana, smoking a cigar and even taking selfies with a waterproof camera. He followed with some card tricks, sticking an ice pick through his hand and leaving the audience of over a thousand people in disbelief.

Watching the man who inspired you to do something big with your life is an interesting experience. He managed to inspire me all over again- and reminded me why I got into magic in the first place. But the most eye-opening moment of the evening didn’t happen until after the show when I met him briefly before he took off in his black SUV guarded by two Buffalo police officers. He appeared out of the back of the building as some of his fans waited, and he casually, calmly and humbly walked over and spent a good few minutes signing autographs and conversing with fans. It was refreshing to see a celebrity not be annoyed and angry with paparazzi and the fans who got them to the level they’re at in the first place (ahem… Kanye).

I look forward to David perfecting his show and have it officially tour around the country.


Winnipeg Love

Back in January, I was in Winnipeg for a week and I found myself on Global Television Winnipeg performing on the Breakfast Show. Unfortunately I didn’t get to meet any other illusionists on my trip.

I’m happy to notice there’s no lack of magical talent in Winnipeg. Darcy Oake, from Winnipeg, wowed judges of Britian’s Got Talent a few days back leaving Simon Cowell and the gang speechless. Check him out below.


Mime Magic

I enjoy watching all sorts of performing arts- and the magic that comes with it. We don’t see (good) mimes often but it’s always a pleasure to watch these artists work their craft. I especially like the video below as these guys combine their astonishing skill with some magic.



The question I get asked most often after performing tends to be along the lines of ‘do you pick up a lot of girls with your magic’? Magic- like any performing art- can be a great ice breaker, but ultimately, your personality is what allows you to build either a love or business relationship. I performed my first magic trick around the age of seven, back when I thought all girls had cooties. I wouldn’t recommend anyone get into magic to ‘pick up’. However if you’re a magician (and obviously not committed as I am), I guess there’s nothing stopping you from trying.


Miss Katalin

One of the best female magicians I’ve ever seen. Miss Katalin kills it while performing on Viva la France!

Another trip to Qatar (and Dubai)

Back in October of 2013, I did my first big event outside of North America. Smack in the middle of Doha, Qatar- I was hired for a 30 minute performance at a corporate event. It went so well that last month I was invited back to be the magical MC for the night at another event the company was having. Once again I packed my bags and got on the 15 hour journey from Toronto to Qatar. I have to admit, I really enjoy performing in the Middle East as it’s a great new challenge for me. I love performing for a culture I’m still working on understanding- while keeping them entertained. The morning after my performance, I flew out to Dubai. I figured if I’m going to fly thousands of kilometers from home for a single night, I might as well take another one-hour flight to Dubai and see if it’s all cracked up to be. It is! I even managed to find a Bugatti police car while roaming downtown!

Until next time,

Global TV Winnipeg

When they say Winnipeg is COLD, in the middle of winter, they aren’t kidding; but at least you don’t have to worry about musquitos! I spent five nights in Winnipeg in late January and found myself on the Global Television Breakfast Program briefly one morning. In case you missed the clip, you can find it below. Enjoy!