Close-up Magic

Close-up magic (sometimes known as strolling magic or mingle magic) is a great way of adding informal entertainment to your event. Your guests may experience mind-reading, magic and illusions intermingled with comedy without you having to carve out a specific time during your event for this service.

Picture the magician working your event, approaching groups (or tables) of guests, giving them their own, extremely interactive, high energy, dose of magic. A well experienced, modern magician will not only entertain your guests with magic and comedy using traditional props (e.g. cards, coins, fire) but will also perform using props borrowed directly from your audience! Seeing your guests jaws drop, and hearing them scream after they see miracles performed with their own cell phones, wallets and watches is not uncommon. Many audience members walk away feeling as if they’ve seen camera tricks… in real life!

Of all the services offered, Durgy has offered close-up magic the longest. He’s been performing close-up magic at weddings and corporate events since the turn of the century. This has allowed him to be the highest rated magician Google, with rave reviews pouring in. But don’t take our word for it, see what past clients are saying.

Is close-up magic appropriate for my event?

Close-up strolling magic can be suitable for both private and corporate events. You may especially want to consider it if:

  • You have a cocktail hour (e.g. before a dinner at a wedding/corporate event/party) which you desire to be memorable.
  • You want strong, powerful entertainment for your guests, without carving a dedicated amount of time out of your event.
  • You have a large house party where you want the magician to walk around keeping your guests entertained.
  • You are attending a trade show and wish to attract attendees to your booth.

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