Durgy’s Videos

Toronto Magician Durgy Spade specializes in corporate events and private events including weddings, engagements, bar mitzvahs and other private events. See below for some of Durgy’s videos as he performs on the streets of Toronto.


Official Trailer for THINK ABOUT IT pitch. Directed by Joseph DeBenedictis.

Think About It PILOT

First PILOT episode of Think About It. Shot in Toronto. Directed by Joseph DeBenedictis.

Just Think

Once again Durgy walks the streets, and plucks thoughts from the minds of everyday strangers.

Global TV

Appearance on Global TV Breakfast Show.

World Cup

A little bit of magic using the World Cup trophy!

Best Friend

Durgy takes a balloon and a borrowed cell phone and works his magic right on the street!

Can’t Touch This

Ready for some more mind reading? Some more fun downtown Toronto.

Bottle Magic

Durgy is on the street and finds a bottle to use to his advantage. He then brings the magic around to anyone else he runs into!


Spade's spot on national television!

String Thing

Durgy resurrects an age old idea with a new twist in the streets of downtown Toronto. Don't Blink. DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME. (PG-13 for language)