Graduating Classes + Virtual Magic Time

A note to all teachers, administrators, principals and anyone who works with graduating students (June 2021), in Ontario:

My name is Durgy Spade, and I am a professional magician with a soft spot for youth in the GTA (I actually taught grade eights in the TDSB myself in a past life!)

It is without question that graduating in a pandemic really leaves a lot to be desired.

No big celebration, hugs or getting together with friends.

This is where I want to help you create a virtual, interactive experience that might not only be just as good as an in person celebration – it might be even better…

Virtual Magic Time is a virtual, interactive magic show that has not only  been featured on television (see clips below), enjoyed by corporations (eg. Facebook, Amazon) and even family events, it is a interactive magic experience like no other.

That’s right, you and your guests can now sit back, relax and enjoy from the comfort of your own home, a real LIVE magic show, where the magician performs for you – masks not required!

Everyone gets a front row seat, and experiences the journey together.

We’ve worked hard to come with a package that we think you’re going to love. It’s only available for the month of June, and is strictly available to schools in Ontario.

If you’d like more information, hit the Book Now button below and we’ll be sure to answer any questions you may have.

durgy spade home online magician
Virtual Magic Time – Show Clips
Virtual Magic on Breakfast Television (City TV – Toronto)