Ottawa Wedding MC

Looking for a Ottawa Wedding MC to take your wedding to the NEXT LEVEL? The solution to your problems has just arrived. Enter – Durgy Spade – Canada’s highest rated Wedding MC. It’s time to give your guests what they crave – an evening they will never forget.

There’s a good chance you’re here because you’ve seen MC Spade perform before, or he came highly recommended from your internal network. That’s because MC Spade continues to be booked all over Ottawa based on word of mouth recommendations.

However if you have never seen MC Spade before, prepare to get your socks blown off! In terms of hosting your wedding reception, you’re about to bring in the big guns…

Why bother hiring a MC/Host at all?

Give the job of hosting a wedding to a friend or family member burdens them with WORK when they should be sitting back and having fun. Bringing in Ottawa wedding MC Spade ensures you’ve got a hype man, entertainer and MC to ensure your reception is the best your guests have ever attended!

Your MC is the glue that holds your night together.

With a great MC, your guests won’t just be present, they’ll become part of the night! Of course they get the basics such as housekeeping notes, information on speakers or guests etc, but they also can expect to be playing games and taking part in activities that keeps them excited and pumped throughout the night. A MC or host with a special talent such as being able to perform magic and illusions is rare, but the lucky few who are able to book such an MC are in for a real treat.

One of the biggest jobs of a Ottawa Wedding MC is keeping your guests engaged and entertained. Attention spans can be short, and it’s easy to lose the crowd. Maybe dinner’s being served or a speaker’s running late, you can relax knowing your professional MC knows exactly how to combat extremely-long-speech-boredom, or couldn’t-care-less- power-point-presentation. They’re specialists in reviving waning weddings and humdrum holiday parties. This is where they shine!

Ottawa Wedding MC entertaining the crowd


Ok, I’m convinced. What should I be looking for in an MC?

You want someone who:

  • is a trusted professional with great reviews
  • has experience working, entertaining, and speaking to large audiences
  • can play high-energy games with your audience when necessary
  • can fill in time when your event is delayed
  • can be a hype man and get your crowd roaring
  • can control the crowd as needed
  • can take the burden off of a guest to hold your night together

Ottawa Wedding MC entertaining the crowd

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