SIX things your Wedding Guests don’t care about!

Couples usually put a lot of thought and effort into their wedding day. They want it to be special and unique so they end up putting extra pressure on themselves and worrying about what others will think about their wedding. But you need to know that many of your guests won’t really care about certain details at your wedding. They won’t notice if you spent hundreds or even thousands of dollars on certain items. Here’s a list to help narrow down the wedding details that your guests may not care about.



Think about the last time you got a wedding invitation, where did it end up? Do you still have it around? A wedding invitation lasts at most, until your wedding day – then it’s gone. People nowadays use their personal calendars to remind themselves about the details of the wedding. There is no reason to go overboard with your wedding invitations, so you may want to consider DIY wedding invites.



Half of your guests will probably miss the guest book. Additionally, you probably won’t be returning to it regularly as you’ll have tons of photos to look at from your wedding albums instead. Instead of having a regular guest book, replace it with something creative and unique (eg. like a basketball if you’re both basketball fans) while also keeping the extra funds in your pocket, . 



Programs are helpful but you need many of them and they get left behind immediately after the ceremony. Your guests will not care how fancy the card stock is, nor will they care if they see a big bristol board with the details at the front, instead of individually printed programs. 



It’s normal to look forward to having a beautiful wedding cake. Unfortunately, cakes are often not appreciated as much as they should be. Oftentimes, they’re at the corner of the stage where the audience barely even gets to see it!. Your guests won’t actually miss the fancy details if you opt for an elegantly simple cake instead of something fancy that needs to be Instagram-ready.



If the venue is providing you different options for the type of cutlery and/or linen that’s available with different prices associated with them, just go with the simplest acceptable design as your guests are not going to be judging how fancy the linen is. So keep it simple and keep the costs low. The money you save here can be spent in other areas that you might want to prioritize. 



Most common favors at weddings are chocolates, customized candles, and other novelty items that have the bride and groom’s name or wedding date on it. But most of the time, these things either get lost, thrown out, and possibly never seen again once they’re taken home. You might want to consider replacing the favour with an extra sweet table, or some extra entertainment (eg. photobooth). This particular may not save you money, but allows you to think about how you can reallocate your funds into something that might give you a better bang for the buck.


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