The Show

There are times where you may require a high-energy, engaging magic show. If you are looking for someone to entertain strictly a group of children, this is NOT the show. No bunnies or rabbits out of a hat here. However, if you’re looking for a modern, interactive, comedy-magic show that is geared towards family audiences, adults or corporate professionals, you have come to the right place! The (roughly) 45 minute show will leave your guests craving more, and talking about it for weeks. You are guaranteed to become the rock star who did the booking!

What type of events is The Show suitable for?

The show is perfect for a post-lunch or post-dinner event. It works especially well when you are putting on a:

-corporate function
-house party
-any event where you can dedicate 45 minutes for high-energy, interactive entertainment

When is The Show NOT recommended?

The show is not recommended for weddings and/or engagement parties. Your guests are certainly there to have a good time and be entertained, but a 45 minute magic show is not suitable for an event celebrating the bride and groom. Instead, consider close-up magic or MC/Hosting services.

Are there any requirements?

Yes. There are minor sound and stage requirements which are usually not a problem (e.g. power outlets, raised platform if appropriate). Minimal spacing between stage and seats (e.g. no dancefloor between performer and audience). These are discussed at time of booking and are dependent on type of event.

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