Three of the most important things at your wedding reception

So you’re getting married, planning a reception and trying to figure out what are some of the most important, high-priority items to keep in mind? 




Your wedding guests will surely be excited to celebrate the happiest day of your life with you! So while you showcase beautiful decor and provide fun entertainment, know that your food and drinks will be one of the things your guests are waiting for and looking forward to. This is one thing that everyone’s going to have in common regardless of what else happens during the evening. Make sure that you serve it in the best way you can! Here are some options for you to consider.


There is the classic ‘Sit down or plated style’. You can offer your guests the opportunity to experience being catered to by presenting a sit-down meal.

It’s usually a three to five course meal that ends with a dessert. Each person gets their individual dinner, which is based on their preferences they sent before the reception.


Another consideration is the ‘Buffet Style’ which lets your guests choose whatever they please to eat. Buffets are certainly favored by many, as guests get to choose what and how much they want. While buffets are more cost-friendly than a plated dinner, some guests don’t like the idea of waiting in line and having to get up from their tables to get dinner.


A third option to consider is ‘Family style’ that is a bit similar to a sit-down dinner as all guests remain seated and servers come to their tables with the entree. The sides are usually placed at the center of the table. Each person can either serve themselves and pass the main dish around or the servers will come and help serve the food on each individual plate as well. This varies slightly from hall to hall. The disadvantage of this serving style is that you will have to limit your table decor to have enough space for several platters.


Now that we’ve discussed different options, you can think about which one is best for YOU. But keep in mind, food is one thing you DON’T want to cut costs on.


Of course, drinks are also important. Different venues have different options for drinks as well. High end venues might charge an extra 40-70 bucks per guest, regardless if they’re going to drink or not – so make sure you discuss this with the venue before you book.



When the dinner is done and the guests have had their drinks, it’s time to enjoy some music. This can be challenging as everyone has a different taste in music. So, consider having a DJ that can play a variety of music, especially if you’ve got a lot of guests who enjoy different styles.


Other than after dinner music, there are many other things you may want to consider when it comes to entertainment. Do you want some entertainment during the cocktail hour? Perhaps a close-up magician, or a caricature artist will fit the bill. Entertainment during the main reception? Maybe you need a professional dance team (eg. tango, bhangra, dabke) to come in and entertain the crowds. Or perhaps you want to play some games with the guests, or have someone facilitate a game with the couple. These are things people tend to remember.



How will your guests feel when they walk into the venue for the first time? What does the decor look like? What do the individual centerpieces look like? How do the walls look? All of these contribute to the ambiance. 


Having a live musician like a violinist (especially during the cocktail hour) can add the perfect bit to your wedding without having to go overboard.


Will the guests be able to meet the bride and groom (perhaps during the cocktail hour)?. Especially with larger weddings, couples may not have time to meet each and every individual guest. However guests want to feel welcome and feel greeted by the couple at some point during the night. A receiving line can help with this. Alternatively, the couple may walk around during dinner and meet their guests.


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