Toronto MC (Emcee) and Hosting Services

Time to LEVEL UP your your big day! Time to EXPECT MORE from your MC! Time to DEMAND MORE from your host!

Time to give yourself (and your guests), what you deserve. A premiere, MC experience.


An extremely high-energy, interactive an entertaining MC (emcee/host) is what you and your guests deserve for your big day. If you have seen D. Spade host an event in the past, you already know your guests are in for a real treat. In fact, the number one reason D. gets booked is because the person booking has seen D. in action before.

MC and Hosting services by a profession Master of Ceremonies can take your event to a whole new level! Hire a trusted, five-star reviewed MC for your event today to ensure a night to remember. Don’t make the number one mistake currently being made for large events – which is burdening a family member or colleague to take control of the event. A well planned event can quickly become unraveled if a professional public speaker is not spearheading the function. A professional ensures your guests are entertained, informed and are filled with memories to last a life time!

Still not convinced? Read Why Hire a MC/Host here.

When is having a MC/Host recommended?

Weddings, engagement parties and corporate events are just a few types of events where an experienced MC can be crucial. If you are putting on an event at a banquet hall or a golf club, and your event is taking place during dinner hours, chances are a professional MC will be the best investment for your night.  Get ready to turn your average event to a high-energy, interactive, memorable night to remember for years to come!

When is having a MC/Host NOT recommended?

Naturally, smaller events such as house parties, or parties at a restaurant are not suitable to have an MC. You may wish to consider close-up magic, or a formal show (or both) for such events.

Are there any technical requirements?

There are minimal requirements such as having a wireless microphone. Sound/music equipment may be required based on the type of event. Usually these requirements are not an issue as most events requiring an MC already have such equipment via the DJ or in-house sound provided by the venue.

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