Toronto Wedding Magician

Couples planning a wedding are constantly looking for something new, different, exciting and interactive for their big day. Toronto wedding magician and illusionist Durgy Spade specializes specifically in wedding entertainment.

When is the best time to have a wedding magician?

Cocktail hour. The cocktail hour generally lasts between 1-2 hours and gives guests time to mingle while munching on snacks and drinks. This is the perfect time to have close-up magic . While it doesn’t take time away from the main event (speeches, dining, dancing), it’s the perfect interlude to your day, creating life long lasting memories for your guests. Many guests have stated the magic during the cocktail hour by Toronto Magician Durgy Spade, was their favourite part of their night!

Don’t take our word for it. Toronto wedding magician, Durgy Spade is the highest rated magician in the Greater Toronto Area on Google and continues to grow his long list of very satisfied clients. Here’s what you can expect with some close-up magic during the cocktail hour of your big wedding day:

What type of magic can guests expect during the cocktail hour? Everything from mind-reading, metal-bending, and of course, the absolute best card trick you will see in your life! Durgy’s years of expertise is brought front and center, and is guaranteed to blow away your guests. Close-up magic during the reception is the perfect way to start your special night, with an absolute blast!

toronto wedding magician durgy spade

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