Wedding Planning? Don’t forget these TEN things!

There are things that are easy to overlook when planning your wedding day. Keep these in mind when your big day finally arrives.


Oftentimes couples don’t get a chance to eat while they are getting ready, or even during the reception. However it’s very important to eat and stay hydrated throughout the day so you don’t get tire, cranky or frustrated. It’s a good idea to eat whenever you have the chance (even if you’re not hungry at the moment), as you may not have a chance to eat later.



If you’re working with a wedding planner, they probably prepared an emergency kit. Otherwise you can assign someone to take this on. Always add safety pins or anything else that you think that could come in handy throughout the event into your emergency kit. Keep band-aids and certain makeup for touch-ups in your kit as well.



Don’t forget comfortable clothing, especially if you’re getting your hair and makeup done. 



Don’t forget to consider transportation throughout the day, especially if you have multiple sites. If you are going to serve alcohol, you certainly don’t want your guests to be worried about transportation. 



You’re going to have a lot of different vendors with you throughout the day and they won’t be able to do a good job if they’re working long hours without eating. Make sure your vendors are well fed. 



Assign this to someone you trust to carry your personal items like your ID and cash as appropriate. 



You don’t want to be in your dress shoes all day/night. You may want to take off your shoes and put on a pair of runners or flip flops when you’re going from venue to venue or you have a long breaks between certain events. Having comfortable shoes in between events allows for maximum comfort when you need to slip on those uncomfortable heels/dress shoes.


#8 ICE

This is especially important if you’re doing a DIY wedding and you’ve created the venue on your own where nobody’s job is to provide the ice (unlike hotels and halls). Don’t forget the ice, so you won’t have to ask your groomsmen or close friends on the day to make ice runs. 



Assign family members or friends to be in charge of the gift collection box. They can put it in a safe spot and move it back to the hotel (or in a safe room at the venue) when appropriate.



Don’t forget the possibility of having bad weather. Rain is not fun on your big day – so be prepared with rain gear for yourself and possibly your guests/vendors as well.

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