Why Hire a Magician or Illusionist?

Why hire a magician or an illusionist for your event? With the right performer, magic can springboard your special occasion into one to remember for months after the day is gone, regardless of the demographic of your guests. The days of pulling a rabbit from a hat are long gone, and magic has transformed into a spectacle of interactive and high-caliber entertainment. While your inner five-year old will definitely scream with delight, it just so happens that like you, magic grew up.

There’s a possibility you’ve probably hosted events before. You may already know nothing is worse than seeing your guests checking their phones, not being interested in the evening’s festivities and/or entertainment, anxiously wondering when they can leave.  Hiring the right entertainment for your private or corporate event is crucial to its success, and that’s exactly where the magic of Durgy Spade comes into play. Whether you have Durgy attend your event for some Close Up Magic or the Stage Show (or both), Durgy will work with you to make your event, another Five-Star Event as he has done hundreds of times in the past.

Let’s remind ourselves that people crave experiences. When you hire a professional magician or illusionist, you’re actually taking your guests on an epic adventure – one they can be a part of, or simply sit back and enjoy. And at the end of the night, you’ll have given them enough excitement, wonder and awe to fill their memories for a long time!

With mesmerizing illusions and an astonishing ability to read people’s minds, the magic of Durgy Spade is guaranteed to leave your guests with an experience to remember (not to mention you’ll be known as the rock star who hired such incredible talent). Give the people what they want.