Be a magician! Top 5 products under $35!

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When performing, there are a few questions that come up often:

I wanted to come up a list of items that I could recommend to a person of any age. Something I would buy for my own friends, family members, or young people in my family. Additional requirements I created for myself:

In fact, my top 5 recommended items below are from a list of items I used myself when I was first getting in to magic. These are my personal recommendations for anyone who wants to start with the art of magic, without burning a hole in their wallet (or purse).


Be a magician! Durgy’s top 5 recommended products under $35!


Mark Wilson’s Complete Course in Magic – Here you’ll find step by step instructions with thousands of pictures that teach you over 300 moves and techniques.  Much more than card magic, this book is guaranteed to keep the reader busy for a long time.


 Magic For Dummies – Who doesn’t love the “For Dummies” books?! I’ve actually got a copy sitting in front of me as I write this. Everything from magic with every day objects such as pens, pencils, coins to card tricks, to magic history is bound in the pages of this book. You will definitely find yourself referring back to this time and time again.


D’lite Red Thumb tip – Regular Size (Pair) – My first recommendation that is not a book! I remember watching someone perform with these babies when I wasn’t even fully into magic yet! You can have tons of fun with this, and it only takes a few seconds to learn. Click here to see a performance of D’lites

Bicycle Svengali Deck – Blue – Another great fooler! With a Svengali Deck, you are guaranteed to be fooling the pants off your friends and family! One of my favourite decks of cards to recommend to anyone starting out, and wants to impress people quickly!

Expert Card Technique – The only item in this list for anyone wanting to get in to card magic a little more seriously. Everything from the basics, to much more advanced moves are covered in detail here. It’ll take you a few moments to get the basics, but a little longer to become an expert card technician.